January 12, 2021

Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature — and Zoom should be worried

Brittany Vincent| Tom’s Guide | January 10, 2021

Time 2-3 minute read

Microsoft Teams has many features, including chatting with office members, making phone calls, and organizing your calendar. For corporate users, it syncs with Outlook. However, there is also a video conferencing feature in this software that has been competing for market share with Zoom. In an attempt to continue to increase their market share, Teams has added a “Dynamic View” option that will let you organize whom you want to see during a presentation and where you want to see them. Teams offer a feature-packed video conferencing solution that works seamlessly with existing Microsoft 365 products. If your Kansas non-profit or small business already utilizes Teams but requires more training, please contact us for training designed specifically for your organization. If your Kansas non-profit or small business is interested in how Teams would work for your business, please contact us to share more information with you.


January 8, 2021

How to Spot a Phishing Email (and What to Do if You Took the Bait)

Mallika Mitra | Money | January 7, 2021

Time 9-11 minute read

What does a real phishing email look like, and what should you do if you get one, or even worse, you click on the link? This article does an excellent job at simply introducing users to the challenges of determining if an email is legitimate or trying to phish or gain information about your or, even worse, your credentials. Unfortunately, cybercrime increased substantially in 2020, and there is no evidence that this trend will decrease in 2021. Keep your data and the data of those on your network and office safe by following these helpful tips and tricks to detecting phishing emails. If you click on a phishing email and want to make sure your computer and accounts at your Kansas business or non-profit are safe, contact us to ensure your safety.


January 4, 2021

Microsoft to replace its many mail variants with 'One Outlook.'

Mary Jo Foley | ZDNet | January 4, 2021

Time 4-5-minute read

Have you ever been confused about the naming of Microsoft products? It seems Microsoft has tried to ease some of that confusion in recent years and consolidate some of its applications, such as Internet Explorer, Media player, and others. Now it's planning to alleviate the confusion that may be caused by its many different outlook products and settling on a product called "One Outlook." Much of this change is most likely motivated by Microsoft's future aspirations to make their operating system available on the cloud, similar to a Chrome OS model. Optimistically, this change will lead to less confusion by end-users. Still, in the end, these changes are hopefully being made by Microsoft to gain more control over their systems and apps security to thwart would-be hackers and bad guys. If you are having trouble keeping your Kansas small business or non-profit up to date with all Microsoft's changes, please contact us for help.


December 24, 2020

Microsoft Editor Receiving Handy Feature Update for Office Insiders

Gavin Phillips | Make Use Of | December 23, 2020

Time 4-5-minute read

Once called spell check, Microsoft has since changed its name to Editor and has also increased its functionality to be smarter. Editor now can intelligently check your grammar and spelling in context to your writing. While not perfect, it has dramatically improved over the years. Microsoft is improving this function again to make it easier to use within its different apps, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among others.




December 18, 2020

5 Ways To Lock Down Your Microsoft 365 Account and Keep Hackers Out

Alison DeNisco Rayome| CNET | December 17, 2020

Time 6-7 minute read

This article is an excellent read with detailed steps on how to set up multifactor authentication on your M365 account, which is the first suggestion in this article on locking down your M365 account. The other tips given are protecting your password, avoiding phishing scams, protecting your apps, and lastly make it easy to recover your account. Suppose you're a Kansas business or nonprofit. In that case, the first two tips given in this article may be things you can have your employees begin doing now without much trouble. However, with our help, we can set policies for your entire organization that would force users to follow multifactor authentication and password policies as determined by your organization. The last three ways to protect lock down your account are things that might require more learning and training, which Techniqol is willing to provide. Security is important to us, so please contact us for more information to help you protect your organization's data.


December 15, 2020

Phishing Campaign Uses Outlook Migration Message

Akshaya Asokan | Information Security Media Group | December 14, 2020

Time 4-5 minute read

This article is a good reminder that hackers are continually changing their tactics to trick you into giving them your credentials. In this scam, hackers are using a website designed after the old outlook web interface. I am not sure how long it has been since Microsoft has even used this interface. Attackers using these attacks combined with using COVID-19 as an excuse to do something is the reason why these types of attacks have increased by 35% since 2019. Read the full article for more information.



December 10, 2020

Adobe Just Released the Last Flash Update Ever

Adi Robertson | The Verge | December 9, 2020

Time 3-4 minute read

A good reminder that Adobe will end updates to their Flash software at the end of December. A few short days later, Adobe will begin to block flash content altogether. Flash is considered to have many security vulnerabilities. Operating systems and software such as macOS and Chrome have disallowed flash content for years. If you’re a Kansas business or nonprofit and you still require flash, please contact us for more information.




December 8, 2020

Philly Hunger Relief Group Philabundance Lost Nearly $1 Million In Cyberattack

Harold Brubaker | The Philadelphia Inquirer | December 1, 2020

Time 5-6 minute read

It's horrible to see articles like this one in which a nonprofit group doing great work for their community has nearly $1 million stolen from it due to a cyber attack. It seems the common theme between everyone involved was that it's a shame they have to divert funds to cybersecurity as if cybercriminals wouldn't choose a nonprofit to attack. Unfortunately, in today's world, cybercriminals don't care if you are a nonprofit feeding the hungry or you are a hospital trying to save someone's life. Their main goal is to make money by either having you divert funds from your bank account, bitcoin or by stealing your customer data and selling it on the dark web. The positive of this story is the steps this nonprofit has taken to protect itself against future attacks. These are the same steps we would recommend anyone take to defend themselves. If you want more information on protecting your Kansas nonprofit please contact us for more details.


December 4, 2020

Remote Desktop Protocol Remains One Of “Top Attacked Protocols”

Benjamin Freed | Statescoop| November 30, 2020

Time 4-5 minute read

Are you using Windows Remote Desktop to access your computer from home or outside the office? Are you using a secure VPN to access that connection? If not, you aren't alone. According to this article, you are using one of the 3.5 million internet-connected devices using a public-facing RDP connection. If this is you, you should begin looking into securing your network to stop bad guys from taking your company data. One of the many dangers of having this protocol open to the public is the increasing chance that trojans will be allowed onto your systems. After they are on your systems, they will lock down all your files and demand a ransom paid to an untrackable account. Don't hesitate to contact us to ensure your Kansas business or non-profit is protected from these vulnerabilities.


December 1, 2020

Microsoft Teams support for Internet Explorer 11 ends, Microsoft 365 apps support to end by mid-August 2021- Technology News, Firstpost

FT Trending | December 1, 2020

Time 2-3 minute read

It may not be a surprise to any of our readers, but yes, Microsoft is working on discontinuing Internet Explorer 11. To this point, Microsoft has been rolling out updates to the browser but has since released the Microsoft Edge browser. Then again, Microsoft has rolled out an even newer Edge browser based on the Chromium project. What it all comes down to is Microsoft is finally discontinuing the support of its own products in the near future. According to the attached article, Microsoft has already ended Teams support. Hopefully, your business or non-profit doesn’t rely on software or third-party apps that use IE11 to function.